Rooting for the most uncool of the NBA franchises

Rooting for the Utah Jazz is a pretty unique experience that I really don’t think any other NBA franchise’s fans could relate to.  Think about the Indiana Pacers across the past 15 years- they evolved from a powerhouse featuring the Dutch wonder boy, Rik Smits, the Ron Artest-led brawling team-gang that almost ruined the NBA entirely within the space of a few short years, finally resulting in this strange collection of somewhat mismatched players (leading all of us to hope that they will trade their best player to us for 70 cents on the dollar).  In the same span, the Blazers went from being really bad at basketball to really bad at obeying laws to an injury-ridden, yet undeniably classy, perennial underachiever.

Throughout these years, the Jazz have impressively managed to maintain a consistent image: the Jazz have always been uncool.  Endearingly uncool, certainly, but fundamentally uncool.  Evan and I dedicated our blog to Jerry Sloan, a man so impervious to image-consciousness that he kind of transcended it, but Jerry aside, we have put some spectacularly not-trendy teams on the floor.  This is not meant to be a dig at John Stockton’s shorts, or even a dig at all (concession: maybe a dig at Greg Ostertag and his buzz cut, bless his heart).  Just bear with me for a second:

Post Stockton and Malone era, who do we decide to build our team around?

The hair changed but the lack of a sense of decency was always the same.

“Wait,” you say.  “D-Will was different.”  But, umm…

GET IN THERE BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look- you can already see him inhaling, priming himself to scream at that ball the best advice he can muster.

The point is that, as Jazz fans, we always know what our identity is.  That’s a comforting thing.  We know who we are and we are good at it.  I guess the reason why this looks to be one of the more fascinating seasons in Utah Jazz history is that I’m not even sure what makes us uncool at this point (C.J. Miles’ shot selection is uncool in a very different way that I’d rather now dwell on right now).  I’m glued to my seat, and I hope you are too.  I’m not sure if we’re good or not, but at least we’re interesting.

So come on over as often as you’d like.  Evan and I are going to keep having radically biased, senseless opinions, and all evidence suggests that we’ll continue to have internet access as well, so we’ll do our best to keep you in the know with all Jazz-related items as well as the best possible way of all ways to look at them.

  1. December 28th, 2011

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