Devin Harris is actually good


Ever since The Trade, it seems like everyone I’ve heard from has written off Devin Harris as a stopgap point guard instead of a traditional Utah-Jazz-pure-point-guard which apparently is the only kind we are allowed to have.  This makes me sad.  I think Devin Harris is awesome.  I think we downgraded from an A to a B+ and that really isn’t that big of a deal.  I am firmly entrenched in the ‘let’s keep Harris and see what happens’ school of thought.

We are totally fine with Harris as our go-to PG.  More than fine.  He’s a 28-year-old former All-Star- a real former All-Star, not like AK47 in ’04 who just got in for being a fascinating crazy person- and he brings everything to the table that a point guard needs to in order for a team to contend.  The days of needing a 10 assists-per-game point to win the Finals are long gone.  Ever since the hand-check rules were put in place in 2001 and enforced more harshly in 2005, all a team needs to do to be elite is trot out a point guard that can spread the floor by either a) slashing and getting to the line or b) being a legitimate three-point threat.  Of course I’m not talking about crazy out of control though entertaining shameless chuckers. But I am talking about Devin Harris.

The biggest dig I’ve heard anyone give him is that he doesn’t fit into our system, but I don’t even think we have a very well defined system at this point.  The last game of last season saw Gordon Hayward scoring 34 points in all manner of ways that Jerry Sloan would have highly disapproved of.  And we won!  So maybe our ambiguous system will be a good thing after all.  And hopefully it works out for Devin Harris, because he is every bit the facilitator that Russell Westbrook is.

My only problem with him is the new beard.  The beard has got to go.  Deron Williams grew a beard and then he ruined our franchise and got himself traded.

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