Jeremy Evans: Madman

Who is Jeremy Evans, anyway?  I mean, what does it even mean to be ‘the energy guy?’ Paul Millsap was that guy once, long ago, but maybe he became too talented all-around to become an ‘energy guy’ anymore, making him something more complete, or at least something more easily identifiable as an NBA player.  Jeremy Evans doesn’t really have a complete package of anything, but when he checks in you know something crazy is going to happen.  Hopefully crazy good, though there is definitely an alternative.  Anyway, this play from the game today just epitomized everything I’ve come to understand about this wiry little small forward: he just has a different concept of the game of basketball than everyone else.  I mean, sure, there’s a slight difference in the way he screams after he sees that his transcendent dunk was dismissed by the official as an offensive foul, but not really.  Mostly he’s just crazy, and does what crazy people do: whatever they feel like doing at the moment.

It seems like Evans senses to some extent how lucky he is to have a roster spot on an NBA team.  He spent four years playing for Western Kentucky (yes, of the Sun Belt conference) and barely brushed into double-digits scoring his senior season.  His highest scoring game was a 22-point outing (against THE Arkansas St.) and he was on NOBODY’s mock draft going into 2010.  Then the Jazz used their sixth-to-last pick on him and voila! “Energy guy.”  They gave him a guaranteed contract, a roster spot, and before you know it, he’s posterizing people right and left despite the fact that he is still way too low profile to even have a poster.

The one thing I have to say about this guy after the game tonight is that he really killed himself out there in those last couple of minutes.  He seemed to unravel a little bit after the aforementioned dunk went awry, but he pulled it back together, kept getting the minutes and actually played some solid (gasp!) defense down the stretch to help the Jazz hold their lead despite doing everything possible to make it unnecessarily close.

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