Raja Bell is Milt Palacio, and also he is Keith McLeod, sort of rolled into one with a dash of CJ Miles in there somewhere

As much fun as it is to make #freeAlecBurks tweets, the following chain of events seem to be inevitable, with or without a twitter trend:
1. Raja Bell will continue to make his post-ankle injury free-fall into basketball irrelevance.
2. Alec Burks will continue to make the most of his garbage minutes by proving himself to be the only player on the Jazz who can consistently penetrate and create easy shots for himself and others.
3. Bell will gradually get less minutes as Burks continues to integrate himself into the defensive schemes and make less mistakes on the defensive end.
4. Burks will start averaging his well-earned 14 points per game shooting over 50 percent from the field along with over a steal a game within 25 minutes every outing.
5.  Jazz fans will rejoice and Raja Bell will become best known as a minor trade asset for his expiring contract at the end of next season.
It may take awhile before the truth of this statement really becomes indisputable, but it needs to be said:  This is not the 2003-2004 season.  This rebuilding stretch is a far cry from the last one.  The Jazz aren’t fielding a team full of players that the AP would call ‘scrappy’ every time we pull out a win against a decent team.  Unlike ’03-’04, they have an above-average talent level, an unproven coach, and a couple of big contracts.  The only similarity between the two teams is that Paul Millsap is kind of like a big, black, angry Matt Harpring with two functional knees.
However, the whole Alec Burks scene looks very familiar when considering Deron Williams’ rookie season.  Of course, D-Will was at least getting minutes the whole season, but the understandable frustration among Jazz fans is pretty much the same.  Obviously, both rookies had a lot of potential and seemed to possess the ability to take over games if they were feeling it.  Both were stuck behind regrettably underwhelming starters in the backcourt who seemed to disappear on both the court and the stat sheets.  Said starters also had strange first names: Milt and Raja, which sounds like a Canadian indie rock band (leaving out Keith for the sake of indie-ness). Keith and Milt stole 50 starts from the budding Deron Williams that season, and 50 will probably end up about right for Raja’s starts this year as well, barring any injuries (which would render this whole post utterly obsolete).  The good news is that even before he ultimately usurps a role on the starting squad, Burks will keep getting more and more minutes as he leaves Coach Corbin fewer and fewer reasons to keep him on the bench.  In the meantime, we can keep enjoying ourselves by reading everyone’s #freeAlecBurks tweets.
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