Golden State Draft Pick Watch: January 27

As the final piece of the Deron Williams trade, Utah has the rights to Golden State’s draft pick this year as long as the pick doesn’t end up landing from 1-7, placing Jazz fans in the predicament of wanting Golden State to be dreadful, but not spectacularly dreadful.  We’re going to start breaking down how well that slightly-worse-than-mediocre balance is being achieved every Friday, and we’ll somewhat arbitrarily decide when we should be rooting for Golden State to win and when we want them to lose.

Our best-case scenario is to get a draft pick in the 8-10 range, meaning that seven teams need to be worse than the Warriors.  Right now, I struggle to fathom how any NBA team could possibly be worse at basketball than the Charlotte Bobcats, and the Washington Wizards have already fired their coach and threatened to set records for early-season futility and as an extra bonus are stubbornly starting Andray Blatche (who gets roughly the same treatment at home games that Carlos Boozer gets these days at the ESA).  They’re locks to be worse than Golden State.  Next, it looks like this is officially Detroit’s tanking year, and New Orleans will be in way too deep of a hole by the time Eric Gordon returns from injury.

Oh yeah, and Toronto is a terrible, injury-prone team that could only win a game on the road if the home team missed a hundred easy shots in the fourth quarter and two overtimes (can’t… resist… self-loathing…).  So that’s five.  We need two more teams to lock up that pick (unless tragedy strikes and Golden State wins the lottery), and one of them is looking like the Kings.  While they have shown flashes of dignity over the season, they also downed a coach and now have lost their leading scorer for a couple of weeks.  The last team to be worse than the Warriors is up for grabs.  The standings right now say New Jersey, but the Nets are looking better and will probably get a bunch of easy wins over all of those Eastern Conference glorified farm-league teams.  I’m still not convinced that Cleveland is anything but a terrible team even though they’ve scratched out a few early wins, so they might be the ticket.  We’ll have to stay on the lookout.

Over the course of the next week, the Warriors play at Oklahoma City and home games against Sacramento and Utah.  If they lose to OKC and Utah (OBVIOUSLY), that puts the Jazz in good shape.  It would also be advantageous for the Warriors to knock out the Kings next Tuesday to make sure that the Kings stay at the bottom of the standings.  The concern, of course, is that Stephen Curry is back from injury in all his Davidson-pride glory.

Current draft spot: 8th-Tie

Potential draftee of the week: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

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